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Explore your surroundings

When it comes to adventures, we've tipped the scale this month. Lots of parks, outdoor movies & camping, & hikes. There is so much to offer that you may not have known about. 

I'm where do we go? 

  • Holliday Park  One of Indianapolis' oldest parks, this one won't disappoint. There are 94 acres of green space and 3.5 miles of wooded trails. Beautiful gardens, rock formations, & you're sure to get a booty workout with the elevation changes.

  • Eagle Creek Park  With 3,900 acres of wooded terrain & 1,400 acres of water, you could explore this park & trails for days. Situated on Indy's west side, this is great location for a hike, picnic, or general tour of nature.

  • Marott Park  Maybe you are looking for a smaller scale adventure. This is the place for you. With a mile loop trail, you can enjoy nature without spending hours. Enjoy creek stomping & bird watching in the 102 acre wooded park.

  • Outdoor Movies It doesn't take much gang! We hung a king sized sheet across our back sliding glass doors, used a projector and wireless speaker and VOILA! 

  • Backyard Camping If I can do it, you can too! What a fun way to explore the outdoors, but from the comfort of your own yard (and let's be clear...your own indoor plumbing when nature calls). We pitched a tent and all 5 of us snuggled up for an overnight adventure. 

I hope some of these tips help you survive the next few weeks/months to come. We sure have enjoying them. 

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