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You are in what do you do?

Well, get a PUPPY of course!

Meet Pablo, the newest member of the Todd crew. Don't let him fool you with his striking good looks & smile. He is a puppy, of course and up to no good. For the record, I was the hold out. But as luck would have it (or COVID-19), I caved and now we have a new 2 a.m. wake-up call.

Prior to Pablo's arrival, the kids prepared a powerpoint, essays, & endless dropped hints. They were going to be SOOOO helpful if we got a dog.

NOT - SO- MUCH. So we are now 4 weeks into life with this darling pup and I'm pretty sure that Joe and I are the only humans that know Pablo exists (except the young girls that we pass on our walks... you see, Pablo is quite the chic magnet). While I never wanted a dog (nothing against dogs, but let's be clear, I like to travel) Pablo my be my new favorite person.

He likes me best (go figure), is dashingly handsome, & loves to snuggle.

This week he is at boarding school with Mr. Bradley and having a great time with his friends.

We can't want to get him back and see all of his new tricks.

So, if you see me toting this blue eyed hunk around town, say hello.

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